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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

How long will my project take?

Exactly how long your project takes will depend on a couple of factors including: how large an area you want to tackle, how much stuff you have, and the pace we work through that stuff.

How many five hour sessions do I need?

Again, it depends (which, I know, is a highly unsatisfying answer), but different people work through their space at different paces. What takes one person two or three sessions, could take another person twice the amount of time.

As a general ball park to give you a place to start estimating from:

1/2 to 1 Session: a closet / a dresser / a bathroom / a set of bookshelves.

1 to 2 Sessions: the average room (not including closets) / full closets / full dressers.

2 to 3 Sessions: the average room (including closets) / particularly large or full rooms / kitchen + pantry.

3 to 4 Sessions: jam packed rooms / home offices / garages / basements / attics.

More than 4 Sessions: multiple rooms / pack rat status rooms / whole apartments / whole houses.

How long is a session?

Each session last for 5 hours. We start at 10am, and are done at 3:00pm.

How far apart should I schedule our sessions?

That mostly depends on your schedule. We can do them one day right after the other, or spread them out as far apart as once a week.

I suggest not scheduling them farther apart than once per week. If you schedule them farther apart than that, you have a tendency to loose momentum between sessions. The closer together you sessions are, the more we can build up momentum and the less time you have to live in a state of being only semi-organized.

What days do you work?

Tuesday through Saturday. So if you work outside of your home throughout the week - we can still get you organized.

Where do you work?

I'm based out of the San Francisco Bay Area.

I work throughout the Bay Area, at no travel cost to you.

I also do work for clients outside of the Bay Area (across the USA and throughout Europe) - in these cases there may be associated travel costs. If you're based outside of the San Francisco Bay Area and think you may want to work together - please do get in touch, I'd love to talk with you.

What can you organize?

Anything. The basics of organizing are the same no matter what we're organizing.

So whether we're organizing your clothes, your bedroom, your office, your kitchen, your bathroom, your garage, your basement, your attic, or your whole house, the basic process is the same. First, we declutter - getting rid of things that don't spark joy. Then we lay in an organizational system - what do you need where. Finally, we create a home for each individual object you own - so putting things away becomes easy.

Do I need to be there?

The short answer is yes, you need to be on hand.

Exactly how hands on you need to be depends on what we're declutettering and organizing. The more personal it is, the more personally involved you'll need to be. The more impersonal it is, the more I can do on my own. Decluttering and organizing your home lasts the longest when you invest in making it work for you from the start, so the more you invest in the process the more you'll get out of it.

Why does it cost so much?

Organizing your home properly is an investment. It's an investment in your home. It's an investment in your family. It's an investment in you.

If done right, you do it once and that's that - maybe a light decluttering, or reoganization every now and then. But if you declutter & organize your home thoroughly, you just have to do it once.

What if I need more time?

Depending on how much extra time you need - you can either purchase another package of sessions, or we can simply add a couple of hours to one of your sessions. More information about both of these options, can be found on the Rates & Packages page.

When are payments due?

Payments are due before you book your sessions.

Why do I have to pre-pay?

Since most of us have A LOT of things we'd rather be doing than reorganizing and decluttering, pre-paying for your sessions means you have a little skin in the game, both for my sanity, and also because when you decided to declutter and organize, you made a commitment to yourself - pre-paying helps ensure you keep your commitment to taking back your space. 

How do we start? How does this work?

First comes a hope & relief call - this is a free call where we get to know each other. It generally lasts about 20 minutes or so.

Second, you choose your package. If you're a first time client - you start with the Initial Client Session, and then we take it from there.

Third, you pre-pay for your package.

Fourth, book your sessions.

And then breath a little easier - you've made a huge step towards taking back your space.

What should I have ready when you arrive?

Bags & boxes to collect trash, recycling and donations. A dust rag or wipes for dusting. And water for staying well hydrated. That's it!

Please, please, please DON'T buy any more storage before we begin. Most of us have all the storage we need right at our finger tips. And if you really do need more bins or shelving you'll have a far better sense of how many bins or how much shelving, if you declutter first.