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Drop me a note to set up a quick "hope and relief call," ask questions about how this whole process works, or any other organizational related comments & queries.

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Additional Hours


Additional Hours


Additional Hours

from 95.00

Each individual session is 5 hours long, we start at 10:00am and end at 3:30pm, with brief breaks for lunch, snacks and regrouping as needed.

In some cases that task at hand might be a bit more than we can accomplish in 5 hours, but not so much that it'll take a whole other session to complete, in these instances you can add additional hours to your appointment, for $95 per hour.

If think the task at hand might benefit from an additional hour or two, but are not sure, please contact me first. That way we can add some tentative additional hours to your appointment. Sometimes things don't take as long as we assume they will.

add between 1 and 3 additional hours to your Clutter-Busting Session | Book your appointment!

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