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Drop me a note to set up a quick "hope and relief call," ask questions about how this whole process works, or any other organizational related comments & queries.

Alternatively you can email me at
Or call me at (415) 308-1366.


Initial New Client Session


Initial New Client Session


Initial New Client Session


One 5-hour session for first time clients.

All new clients start with this. We create get a sense of what you need, create an action plan, and get started.

We'll start by walking through your space, uncovering what’s causing you stress, and what needs to happen to make your space feel like your own again. I'll ask all the right questions and together we'll get to the heart of the matter. So that I can help you find the fastest and easiest ways to turn your current situation into one you absolutely love – where everything is where you want it to be and your space functions exactly as you hoped it would.

Then we'll come up with an action plan and get started with the stickiest bits, so that you have support on hand while tackling the toughest parts.

one 5-hour Initial New Client Session | Book your appointment!

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