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Terms of Service & Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

This site collects information about you in two ways:
1. Information that you manually provide by making a purchase, signing up for our mailing list, or filling out our contact form.
2. Information that's automatically collected, and allows us to deliver the most relevant content to you. This type of information includes things like your IP address, location, pages visited, browser and device type, etc. This information is aggregated and is generally not individually identifiable to you.
Most of this information is only used in it's aggregated form to provide meaningful and relevant content. The information collected is only shared with others if required by our terms of service/agreement with those parties, or if we are legally required to by law.
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Intellectual Property

This site contains copywriter and intellectual property own by Jane Catherine Dolan.
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These terms of service and privacy policy will be periodically reviewed and updated to reflect the current functions of the site.
The last update was: March 1, 2017.

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